About SchoolBench and the company behind it

An intelligent media management solution specifically for schools to manage their ever-expanding media library. Developed by Australian software company Parashift

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About SchoolBench

A school picture tells a thousand words.

Marketing the school to your community has increased in both complexity and volume over the years.

The multitude of platforms to publish to (social, web and traditional), as well as the growing need to manage student image privacy , has created an enormous burden for Community Relations teams to manage, all too often manually.

Discover how SchoolBench makes Marketing easy

We developed SchoolBench to offer Schools an easy and secured media management solution that you can trust.

Because we care about Privacy.

1. Smart

SchoolBench auto-classifies your images using facial recognition & machine learning. By leveraging your student management system & calendar, SchoolBench is not another system you need to manage, as it uses Synergetic, TASS, Maze, Simon and many more student management systems as the source of truth.

2. Simple

Search the way you work. Find your images and videos without fuss. SchoolBench is an elegant system that you can use in minutes. Designed by and built for schools.

3. Safe

Safely publish photos to parents in a secure and controlled way. Installed on your school’s hardware and behind your firewall. The school has full control in both access and permission, all managed through Active Directory.


SchoolBench is proudly built by Parashift.

Since 2013 Parashift provides elegant and intuitive solutions in collaboration with our customer community.

A privately owned company, with headquarters in Adelaide, South Australia.

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