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Parashift Announcement – Mobile App

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SchoolBench Mobile App

With the world turned upside down, social distancing, face masks and hand sanitiser, the team at Parashift used much of this time making SchoolBench even better for our customers. The world will get past this, and Parashift is here and is ready for when you are! 

 While our employees worked from home, we greenlit several projects to increase customer value. One of these projects is nearing its end, and it is with much pride that I can announce the SchoolBench Mobile App. 

 SchoolBench Mobile App 

As your most requested feature for SchoolBench, the mobile app will enable schools to capture photos onthego and have them securely stored in your SchoolBench.  

The SchoolBench mobile app is will be available for both iOS and Android devices. The app is currently in beta with a handful of customer schools undertaking usage testing. A few issues have been raised and resolved. Thankfully, we are now very close to moving from beta to a general release.  

 I take this opportunity to congratulate the Parashift team and our customer in helping us reach this milestone. It represents Parashift’s first foray into mobile applications.  

 With the advent of the release, it means the mobile app is in no way a fait-accompli, as additional functionality has already been earmarked to for subsequent versions. That’s the great thing with software: it always gets better. 

 So keep an eye out as we will be making the SchoolBench mobile app available in the next few weeks.  

 Next month, I will be having much to say about SchoolBench’s new parent portal with webshop capability.  

Grandparents – a school’s real customer

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Grandparents with grandchildren

As stated in various media outlets, a survey conducted by REST several years ago indicated a growing trend for Australian retirees using their superannuation to fund their grandchildren’s private school education.

The report cited that 29% are considering or are paying the tuition fees at many of Australia’s private schools. A private poll I undertook with friends surprised me greatly, as the result was much higher. Out of the ten families asked, seven admitted to receiving financial support from their parents towards their child’s private education.

So while your school provides education services for children and regular performance reports to parents, this growing trend of grandparents funding education means that your real customer (who pays the bill) is the grandparent.

While Australia’s response to COVID-19 has been breathtaking as it has been unprecedented, one of the results has been the social distancing of grandchildren from their grandparents.

Technologies like FaceTime and Skype can help with video communication bringing much joy. Regrettably, the attention span of Australia’s youth can mean a short 5 to 10 minute online chat now replaces family events.

SchoolBench’s Parent Portal helps to bridge the gap between grandparents and grandchildren. SchoolBench provides schools with the ability to share a constant feed of images of the children enjoying the facilities of your school. These pictures can be simple happy snaps taken of everyday moments. As the saying goes, a picture tells a thousand words.

SchoolBench’s Parent Portal is designed to integrate with your infrastructure, so images can be served in same place that parents already frequent. Perusing photos is easy, with a simple and intuitive panel, organised by child and by year. Schools can also make images available for download if desired.

To see a practical demonstration of SchoolBench in action, contact Parashift by telephone on 1300 769 809 or by email to

Survey of 4,565 QSuper members carried out by Colmar Brunton on behalf of QSuper, June 2017

Security in an uncertain world

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How the world has changed in just 30 days. Who would have thought that a virus could unite the globe?

More crucially, how far technology has carried the human race and how we are embracing technology more than ever to get us through these uncertain times: to communicate, to work, to diagnose, to deliver.

No doubt every business and company is quickly re-thinking how they can do business in these times and how long the impact of government and health organisation’s decisions will need to be in place.

Parashift, as the creators of SchoolBench, security is and will continue to be the driving focus for solution development.

The case for SchoolBench

If you have experienced SchoolBench up close and personal, then you know the very nature and purpose houses sensitive information: photos of children.

You don’t need to be reminded that Australia’s laws, scrutiny and social expectations around protecting everything relating to children is strict and thorough. As the parent company behind SchoolBench, Parashift was certain to cautiously and seriously consider how to minimise the risks to customers: schools and students. At the end of the day, students are children and our most precious generational asset.

SchoolBench does not attest to the veracity, or lack thereof, as to how other providers secure their solution. The approach and rationale behind why the architecture of SchoolBench was and remains like it is, speaks to a number of factors and open concerns customers have when we initially engage with them.

Continuity of Service

Schools and software companies work in different time horizons. This means that even though Parashift, the creators of SchoolBench, was established in 2013, many schools have existed for much longer periods, for over 20, 50 or over 100 years or more. Schools will continue to exist even longer.

This time horizon means decisions made by schools must factor in a continuity of service for years and decades to come. Typically, this means for far longer periods of existence than software companies.

Should a cloud provider cease trading or not pay their cloud provider’s invoice, this could easily mean their platform ceases to exist for you. This equates to a significant risk for your digital media library. Your library could simply no longer be available because your cloud provider is no longer available.

By the school having SchoolBench reside on site or in your private cloud, the school is in full control. No third-party provider can remove the history your photo management solution houses. Your legacy is safe.

Answering the tough question

In the unlikely event SchoolBench is no longer supported by Parashift, the system and your photos will live on. They do not disappear into thin air. The only change would be SchoolBench is read-only. This means you can still search and download your media and migrate it to a new provider.

Security through Decentralisation

Commonly we read about a company having their online security breached or more commonly hacked. Client information is often published on the web, deleted, corrupted or held for ransom. This recently happened to Google Photos and security systems like Clearview, which is used by law enforcement departments around the world.


SchoolBench’s approach was to decentralised the data, meaning that if Parashift were to be hacked, there is no risk to student data nor images. In short, we don’t keep any information, you do. Clear and simple.

Additionally, should one of our many schools be hacked, your school data is secure. There is no physical or virtual connection to other schools through SchoolBench. The two schools in this example are not storing their information in the same place or system.

This decentralised approach is a principle of insurance by not having all your eggs in the one basket.

Access to your information

Parashift does not capture nor does it store biometric, student or other sensitive information that your school produces in SchoolBench. Even if we received an offer for a large sum of money to sell your data, we couldn’t. We don’t have any of your personal data to sell. Can other providers say this?
In the event Parashift were to be hacked, there is minimal risk to a school, if any.

The reason is simple. We do not have access to your system and we don’t hold any of your sensitive information. Access is controlled by the school and the only information we keep is either for billing purposes or the diagnositics to SchoolBench’s performance, that way we can make it even better for the future.

Retention and brand

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In this month’s issue:
> Retention and brand: finding your school’s narrative
> Feature highlights: My Favourites and Upload
> NSW Roadshow in March – book now
> Your feedback

Retention and brand: your school’s narrative

At some stage, every school will face the task of creating and revising its student retention plans. As parents with children of various ages, the team at SchoolBench undertook roundtable discussions regarding the key factors they considered when choosing their children’s schools.


  • How was the school presented? Examples: were the facilities modern; open spaces for sports and playing?
  • Are the classrooms clean, bright and airy?
  • Is there a historical connection with the school?
  • What is the school’s teaching philosophy?
  • Does it promise a quality education?
  • What was the NAPLAN result?
  • Does it engender sound values with a sense of community?
  • Ultimately, could we see a positive experience for our children?

The list was extensive and no doubt a process most parents go through. As school fees may not be a true indicator of value due to the personal nature and differing capability of families, we elected not to include price in the discussion.

We discovered that a school with clear and consistent messaging, that resonated with our core values, won our attention.

Why is CONSISTENT MESSAGING around your BRAND important and can SCHOOLBENCH help?

A school is a brand. The more consistent the messaging, the more consistent the branding, whether via words, design, offerings or imagery. Your school, your brand, should build awareness and develop trust and loyalty with your customers: the parent community.

A visual identity, created from your archival photos, your current sports carnival media, your STEM awards, senior school wins, comes into play – as does consistent messaging around a school’s brand values, for example, sporting or academic leadership. Tapping into the soft and hard values that resonate with a school’s target market doesn’t have to cost a fortune because the tools are already there for you to use. You just need to know how to tie it all together.

In the background there will always be a group of dedicated administrators and educators working to ‘sell the story’ that will become the school’s story. By utilising invaluable stories and experiences from existing and past students, the community and partners, this allows for a rich narrative to be constructed and forms the nucleus of that strategy.

Images, video and audio are powerful tools that support a robust brand. An example of this is Seymour College, a valued customer of SchoolBench, who often uses powerful imagery that supports their values of sports, arts, science and academic achievements.

The images stored in SchoolBench have a limitless life span. This means that today’s photos become lifelong historical photos. Imagine the historical comparison and use for your school’s brand strategy not just today but also in the future. SchoolBench makes the ease of accessing the current as well as historical media assets a task that takes mere seconds.

All SchoolBench customer schools know that one of the key benefits of storing a school’s digital media in SchoolBench is that the school owns the media and it resides at the school. This information lives for as long as the school lives and beyond. No dusty shoe boxes housing rusting DCM cards or faded coloured prints with brownish spots eating through faces and places.

You can use your own history to create a new one. That’s the simplicity of SchoolBench.

Learn more about SchoolBench.

Feature highlights

This month’s highly anticipated features are My Favourites and Upload on the SchoolBench desktop.

The My Favourites feature provides users their own space in SchoolBench to easily store, find and use images all in a single view.

Users can easily filter and see which media is most important to them, used on a regular basis or waitlisted in preparation for an upcoming project or event. This is a real time saver!

To favourite an image:

  • highlight the image to select, then right mouse click
  • choose Add to My Favourites


The Upload button is designed to make uploading from a network drive or an external camera into SchoolBench even easier. Previously this was only achievable through a drag and drop function.

The Upload button, located on the top right hand side of the menu bar, simplified the task by removing the need for:

  • Reducing your desktop windows to drag and drop into SchoolBench
  • Using 2 screens to drag and drop assets and photos


Check your SchoolBench online documentation for full descriptions and speak with your administrator to ensure you have the latest version of SchoolBench.

We are focussing on continuous improvement for SchoolBench functionality and in the latest version, you will notice minor enhancements to improve the overall functionality.

This makes your life easier and directly aligns to our cultural value of responsiveness to our customers’ wishes. It is also intuitive in ease of use. Our job is always to make your job easier!

If you want to know more, simply email us at or call your friendly SchoolBench team on 1300 769 809 or click here.

March NSW Roadshow

The SchoolBench roadshow is coming to NSW in March.

With dates yet to be finalised, all NSW schools are invited to attend the second national SchoolBench roadshow for the term. Oh, the Roadshow comes to you!

An individual and in-person discussion with Managing Director, Kieren Fitzpatrick and our Artificial Intelligence specialist and Technical Lead, Desline Simonwill focus on the following:

< Secure your visit – Express your interest Now >

Please note this is a limited roadshow in Term 1 and excludes already booked demonstrations and client meetings.

Your feedback

We love hearing your stories about your digital media management experiences within your school community.

If you have a success story you would like to share with the SchoolBench community,
drop us a line. Have an idea for an UpVote Feature in SchoolBench? Chomping at the bit to submit a case study?

By sharing you could win a Gold Class movie voucher for two, redeemable in your state.

Contact our Marketing Team to discuss.

Parashift announces new head of artificial intelligence

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Parashift today announced the appointment of Ms Desline Simon, a research specialist in machine learning, as the company’s technical lead across its suite of media and information management products.

Ms Simon hails from the Burgundy region of France and is based at Parashift’s head office in Adelaide.

A core objective of Ms Simon’s is to build a world-class machine learning team in Adelaide. Additionally, Ms Simon plans on undertaking research with like-minded institutions such as the recently established Australian Institute for Machine Learning, University of Adelaide.

Ms Simon will focus Parashift’s efforts in building research partners to collaborate with and to develop high-tech products and solutions for the Australian and international markets.

Parashift already heavily utilises machine learning within its SchoolBench® solution, accurately identifying students using a highly customised algorithm. SchoolBench® uses facial recognition and privacy consent settings to ensure student photos, videos and other media are managed accordingly to comply with Australia’s strict privacy legislation and media consent provided by parents to a school.

With recent public concerns made by the Australian Human Rights Commission suggesting video facial recognition breaches certain human rights, Ms Simon was quick to point out that the outcomes of the research will have many applications.

“Machine learning aims to improve people’s lives not hinder them. There are many amazing outcomes already achieved such as medical diagnosis and prognosis through wearable watches.” Ms Simon said.

Ms Simon will also work with Parashift’s second product, RecordBench® a new initiative to improve information retention and accuracy while freeing employees from many menial tasks in capturing corporate memory.

Ms Simon has extensive experience in this field and holds a number of academic and research qualifications including a Master of Research in Natural Language Processing, a Bachelor of Arts in Natural Language Processing and a Bachelor of Science in Applied Computational Linguistics.

Before joining Parashift, Ms Simon worked for Twitter at the ADAPT Centre in Dublin on a research project focusing on automatic translation and detection of sarcasm in user-generated content, for Machine Translation. As humans speak a language, the artificial intelligence focus examined how computers understand language with all its nuances.

Having been at the helm of a successful e-commerce company for over 10 years, working with worldwide organisations to understand customer expectations with a focus on implementing transparency in first touch-point satisfaction, Ms Simon brings with her business experience in intuitive and natural language processing and its application to technology.

In her spare time, Ms Simon has a penchant for blues music and practices ballet daily, having started ballet classes and performance at the age of 5.

“Ballet gives me focus, movement, structure and pushes me beyond my physical limitations. I believe that if you train your body, anything is possible if you keep it up and in turn, the mind stays flexible also.” Ms Simon said.

Ms Simon is fluent in a number of languages including Spanish, German, French and can translate Latin. Having visited Australia for the first time in mid 2019, Ms Simon has fallen in love with the relaxed and the multi-cultural lifestyle that Australia offers. Ms Simon said the nature of work and Australians resonates well with her professional and personal journey. “Vive l’Australie” she says with a smile and glint in her eye.

Ms Simon began her tenure at Parashift in January.

Photo: Ms Desline Simon, artificial intelligence specialist and Parashift’s new Technical Lead

Media Enquiries
Kieren Fitzpatrick
Mobile 0412 020 211

A focus on marketing plans

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This month we focus on the marketing efforts in schools and how SchoolBench is adding value in this space.

Highlights are:

  • Begin with the end in mind – annual marketing plans
  • Feature update
  • Health Check – have you upgraded your version of SchoolBench
  • Milestone – breaking the 1 Million media ceiling

Begin with the end in mind

In 1989, Steven Covey coined the above phrase in his best-selling book “The 7 Habits of highly effective people”. This strategic focus remains a key part of any organisation’s planning for the year ahead – what do we want to achieve, how are we going to get there, what resources do we need to put in place now, so we succeed?

At this time of year, we see many school marketers preparing their annual marketing plans for enrolments, fundraising, community participation and engagement, yearbooks and a myriad of other projects.

So, you have your plans in place, your channels to market are set, your timing for release, your social and traditional media lined up, you’re in the process of copywriting the content and then comes the task of choosing photos and videos from your school’s events that you want to use and promote visually. What a task and as the saying goes, a picture tells a thousand words.

Your photos are easily sorted into year or event and all students appearing can be clearly identified by their media consent status. In the words of the meerkat, simples.

If you’re already using SchoolBench then it’s an easy task, right?

Is it that simple? Or are you still searching G drives and N drives and other shared drives clueless on whether you can use that photo. Are you still spending countless precious hours trawling through your media library for a supporting image?

If you do the job right the first time, then when it comes to designing your communication projects, your visual media assets will be ready to find in SchoolBench and apply accordingly to your projects now and throughout the year.

SchoolBench was introduced at Pulteney Grammar in 2018. Ms Sam Cooper, Archivist at the school, said that, “Pleasingly, SchoolBench helps make Archives part of the school, as opposed to being a separate entity. Through its security and its central storage, SchoolBench has made self-service possible, which is a huge time saver for me as I could spend up to 70% of my time fulfilling requests.”

Fortune favours the prepared.

If you want to know more, simply email us at or call your friendly SchoolBench team on 1300 769 809.

feature update – ADFS 2016

After many customer requests, we are pleased to announce that Parashift has completed testing on and can confirm that SchoolBench now supports ADFS 2016 for single sign-on.

What this means for you?

Now when using SchoolBench, you no longer need to remember your password when logging in. Once logged into the school network, you can access SchoolBench if your schools uses AFDS. This results in a much easier and smoother usage of SchoolBench.

Why did we build  this capability with SchoolBench, well we listened to our customers. This makes your life easier and directly aligns to our cultural values of ‘Responsiveness’ to our customers’ wishes and ‘Intuitive’ in ease of use.

this month’s features

This month we have new features neatly unwrapped from Santa under the Christmas tree that include:

  • Last year’s profile photos will now automatically be retained as historical reference points when replaced with this year’s profile pictures. This will occur once your SIS has been updated with the new student images.
  • We’ve compiled documentation for tested photo editing software with new features now available for watermarking
  • To improve security, the SchoolBench parent portal will now either inherit the security timeout imposed by your existing LMS, or if standalone, a time limit of 5 minutes with no user activity.

Check your SchoolBench online documentation for full descriptions.

If you want to know more, simply email us at or call your friendly SchoolBench team on 1300 769 809.


This month we are asking you to check the health of your usage and understanding of SchoolBench to ensure it is adding value to your school, your media management policy, usage and future scoping your school’s historical repository requirements.

Questions to ask yourself and your team, am I:

  • Using the latest version of SchoolBench?
  • Aware of all the features?
  • Using all the features?
  • Getting the most out of SchoolBench, what more do I need to know?
  • Up to date with training?

To book a refresher, targeted training session or if you need a question or two answered, simply email us at or call the friendly SchoolBench team on 1300 769 809.

breaking the 1 million barrier

Just before Christmas, our system analytics reported the number of photos under management by SchoolBench had surpassed 1.2 million. This will continue to grow exponentially this year.

This growth is testament to the confidence in and use of SchoolBench as the premier school photo management solution. This is driven by the school retaining complete ownership of its images and information, management of privacy consent and automatic school-context tagging. These are the cornerstones of SchoolBench’s value. The features continue to grow as we continue to listen and understand the challenges faced by our clients’ and confidence in new markets.

We expect the number of photos managed by SchoolBench to continue to grow throughout the year, a figure we will share with you at this year’s EducatePlus and EduTech events.

your feedback

We love hearing your stories about your digital media management experiences within your school community.

If you have a success story you would like to share with the SchoolBench community, contact us. Have an idea for an UpVote Feature in SchoolBench? Chomping at the bit to submit a case study?

By sharing you could win a Gold Class movie voucher for two, redeemable in your state.

This month’s lucky recipient is Annie Markey, Director of Communication at Newington College in Sydney, for her superb efforts in working with us to finalise the latest SchoolBench case study.


smart + simple + safe

2019 – The Year That Was

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Another year close to completion and we find ourselves moving into a new decade. The year 2020, to a boy who grew up in the 70’s and 80’s, seems more attune to a Buck Rogers episode than today’s date, yet here we are.


Parashift enjoyed many achievements this year, one of which is the several new and highly talented people joining the team.

The technology industry is often thought of as male-dominated, however in mid-January, Parashift will be precisely 50% male and female in its workforce ratio. This is not the outcome of an imposed quota system but the result of hiring the best candidate available. All employees deserve the pride in knowing they are here on merit.

Our people

Firstly and all the way from France, I am thrilled to welcome Desline Simon to Parashift. Desline joins Parashift in the role of Technical Lead and is tasked to build a world class technical team for Parashift. She holds a Bachelor of Science and a Master of Research in National Language Processing and has worked on several cutting-edge projects in both academia and the commercial world. Desline brings a wealth of technical expertise to Parashift and we are incredibly fortunate to have someone of this calibre. With much enthusiasm we say “Bienvenue en Australie!”.

Catherine Rowland returned to work after taking some time from raising her two beautiful children Liam and Lexie. Catherine’s extensive knowledge in software testing provides Parashift with a mature approach to our production of quality software. With a keen eye for usability and defects, Catherine has an uncompromising commitment to getting the job done. Coupled with a dry wit, Catherine has become an integral member of the Parashift team.

Marketing for any company is a vital function and Parashift elected to bring this function in-house in 2019. We sought the services of a talented person with excellent creative and organisational skills.
Enter Aretta Holtman, experienced marketer in the technology and business to business space. Aretta holds a Bachelor of Business (Marketing) and has worked for blue-chip companies such as Telstra. With no time to rest, Aretta successfully coordinated two trade shows, one of which was our first foray into Singapore, all in her first two months. Aretta’s personality can lighten the mood all the while keeping her job nailed down and her young family ticking along. As the saying goes, “I don’t know how she does it!”.


On the customer front, Parashift doubled its customer base welcoming schools of all types and sizes across Australia to the SchoolBench family. Since SchoolBench’s inception in 2017, our inaugural members of Seymour College and Pulteney Grammar remain active and continue providing valuable suggestions to the product roadmap.

This year we were joined by brands such as The King’s School, Shore, Kardinia International College, TSS and All Saints Anglican School to name a few. With the help of Annie Markey, Director of Communications at Newington College, a new SchoolBench case study was produced. We encourage you to read more.

RecordBench was soft-launched mid-year and we worked closely with Santa Sabina and St Columba in NSW to ensure it is fit for purpose. In Term 1 next year a release candidate will be made available to schools nationally who are serious about the long-term preservation of their corporate memory. A must have in today’s litigious world.

For 2020, the Parashift team will continue to address known and new challenges faced by schools through our products, SchoolBench and RecordBench. The feedback and suggestions we receive are invaluable. The now annual Customer Roadmap Survey ensures we continue to be on the right path.

And finally, I extend my gratitude to Parashift’s leadership team, Henri and Peter, as well as all staff, customers and stakeholders for their contribution for what was, simply put, an amazing year for Parashift.

It is my wish for you and your family to have a safe and enjoyable Christmas and a healthy and prosperous 2020.



The debate on facial recognition – a safe and smart technology

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This month, we dive into the debate on facial recognition as a safe technology and how SchoolBench is adding value in this space.
Highlights this month are:

  • Facial recognition – a smart technology
  • Feature feedback from Trinity College
  • Reportage on EduTech Singapore
  • Our Kindle winner from St Aidan’s Anglican Girls’ School
  • Share your story

Facial recognition – a smart technology

Meaning: a noun; a machine or system capable of automated and seemingly intelligent operation.

One of the most frequent and common concerns raised by clients is the use of facial recognition in schools and whether this technology may encroach on the human rights of students – specifically, their privacy. Strong imagery and fear tactics point to facial recognition technology, in that it may be misused by some organisations or governments.

At SchoolBench, we take these concerns seriously and is at the heart of our solution. We often discuss this and the value it provides a school. Our approach has resulted in an ever-growing list of happy customers.

Key in this debate is that the information, data and referencing remains at the school. No outside organisations can access or use the information without the school’s consent. It is the school’s data, plain and simple, and no one owns or have any copyright over the images. This is a fundamental reason why SchoolBench is the superior choice.

It is important to remember why SchoolBench uses facial recognition in the first place.

Its purpose is threefold.

Firstly, facial recognition of images is used to protect the privacy of students who appear in images.

Additionally, the technology provides the school with a level of compliance in relation to Australia’s stringent privacy policies.

Lastly, it provides confidence to parents by automatically applying their media consent to each image of their child.

By using this technology as part of the solution, SchoolBench is contributing positively and proactively to ensure peace of mind, and media consent becomes a key property and identifier for all images in SchoolBench, not just today, but in years to come.

Should the law change, so will the stringent parameters of what information photos need to contain, to not only be publishable but also be searchable.

If the image has no clear permission level, you simply don’t use it in any external communications, be that social, print or other community media.

With the added security layer of the school owning all the images, the governance processes a school sets in place underpin how images are used. SchoolBench places that control into the hands of the marketers, business or school administrators responsible for using and publishing photos or videos.

SchoolBench policies about facial recognition satisfying Australia’s privacy laws, and parent consent has been an overwhelming driver and a key uptake reason for the product’s success.

Mr Kieren Fitzpatrick, Managing Director of Parashift and the company behind SchoolBench, said,

“While all organisations have a duty to ensure the privacy of Australians are kept at the forefront of their business dealing, facial recognition technology serves a tremendous purpose in streamlining the management and use of images by the thousands of schools in Australia for communication, business, marketing and community communication purposes. Like all technologies, there are risks, and SchoolBench has been designed to address these from the get-go.”

“The ability to use smart technology to provide our schools and parents with control on where and how student images are used is a primary focus for our clients and their governance process,” said Mr Fitzpatrick.

As an Australian solution, SchoolBench proves facial recognition of children in schools can have positive effects and provides privacy and safety for children and parents alike. The technology will grow and adapt according to the evolution of the product and in line with Australian privacy and human rights laws.

Your opinion counts, so if you would like to drop us a line on this subject, click here.

Feature feedback

This month we share the three most valued SchoolBench functions that Trinity College in Adelaide has found since adopting the solution in January 2019.

The pain points that are being overcome include:

  • not having to rename images and to encode metadata is resulting in an enormous amount of time being saved by the school.
  • One single system, that being one application, one repository, one place where all imagery is stored and accessed. In Trinity College’s own words, “So much better than images stored all over the place on all sorts of devices.”
  • Colour coding because an instant visual identifier of parental consent, or no consent or unknown consent, is just a mouse hover away. Quick, nimble and efficient.

What’s your favourite SchoolBench functionality?

Reportage – the Singapore report

Our team attended EduTech Asia earlier this month and what a show it was!

The SchoolBench stand “popped” in colour and activity as educators, marketers, technology staff and government personnel including our very own Austrade and Australian High Commission, stopped by to learn about SchoolBench, what is does, how and what this solution could mean for their school. We learnt a lot about our South East Asian neighbours’ media assets and record compliance needs. The conversations were fast and furious.

Client Director, Henri Guillaume, delivered an extremely well attended talk on day two of the conference: Photo and Video Management in the Age of the Internet. The evolution in media, volume of data, regulatory challenges and how to navigate this new paradigm were hot topics that elicited many questions. The talk was followed by many of the delegates making a beeline to the SchoolBench stand where interest piqued, business cards were exchanged and appointments booked for future discovery discussions.

Photo: The SchoolBench team in full swing at EduTech Asia 2019, Singapore


Needless to say, the conversations had and insights gleaned have opened greater awareness for SchoolBench’s application in the South East Asian region.

We know this because the team uncovered the same pain points schools in Australia have and are discovering and the risk associated with storage and use of student imagery needs to have the same risk factors overcome, regardless of geographical boundaries.

We are looking forward to showcasing SchoolBench’s versatility to an international audience regardless of geographical boundaries.

The winner is …

We had a very happy and radiant Alice Tidmarsh, Director of Marketing and Admissions at St Aidan’s Girls’ Grammar School in Brisbane, send us this photo recently. Alice attended and met us at the EducatePlus Brisbane conference earlier this financial year. We had an insightful discussion and demonstration. Post conference and hey presto, Alice’s business card was randomly selected as the lucky winner of our giveaway Kindle. Congratulations Alice!


Photo: Alice Tidmarsh is the lucky winner of a Kindle from our EducatePlus Brisbane conference stand. Congratulations Alice!


Share your story

We love hearing your stories about your digital media management experiences within your school community. What hurdles are you facing with your current photo library? Does your school even have one? Can you find what you need and fast? How has SchoolBench made your life easier? What else would you like SchoolBench to do?

If you have a success story you would like to share with the SchoolBench community, drop us a line.

By sharing you could win a Gold Class movie voucher for two, redeemable in your state.

SchoolBench – smart + simple + safe

SchoolBench media management tracking improvements

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Feature Updates

The SchoolBench community asks, and we continue to deliver. As part of the SchoolBench community, each school receives regular updates to features that are available as part of their subscription to this smart and safe media management solution. Much work has been done to ensure SchoolBench media management tracking capabilities are even more extensive.

We are pleased to announce version 11 of SchoolBench is available.

SchoolBench media management tracking improvements and a hot tip

Have you ever been asked to find every photo a student has appeared in over their entire school history? Sounds like a time-consuming job without SchoolBench.

With the latest enhancement, you can easily capture and find photos of a student’s entire educational journey in seconds.

We have tweaked the tracking capabilities to enable images of a student to be captured across their years of involvement at the school. This hinges on the practice of making sure that the profile image, including newly introduced Reference Points, are tagged with the year they were taken in, for example, 2019.

When photographers take class photos, they don’t necessarily set the camera to the appropriate date and time. We have also found some student information systems stripping out the time and date stamp when the photo was taken.

TIP:      Remember to check the date when importing photos into SchoolBench and correct it as needed.

HOW:   Select all the current profile images, set the year in the Year Field which is located under the School Tab, in the Form View.

NEED HELP? Check your documentation first, send an email to Support, or bank it for your follow up calls.


Improvements to searching in the Virtual View

Finding what you need is one of the key benefits of using SchoolBench, so we have expanded the way you can laser in when searching your digital assets.

  • You can select multiple facets at once to filter your results:



  • You can also exclude facets when filtering results:


SchoolBench Media Management Tracking – Reference Points

Sometimes, you want to indicate that a student is in an image, but if the student’s image is blurry, you don’t want to make this a reference point as this would affect facial recognition accuracy results in the future.

We have now broken out reference points to their own status so you can clearly see what SchoolBench is using as reference points and manage them accordingly.

This means that if a reference point is blurry, you may want to remove it, but still state who the student is for future searches. Of course, you can still create reference points when verifying faces in photos:


The Bounding Box menus

You can now verify that students are in an image, without marking them as reference points, by right-clicking in the bounding box and verifying them.

If the face of the student is “a good one” (different stance from the profile image, in focus, etc), you may want to use it to train SchoolBench, by right-clicking on the bounding box, and selecting Verify and Create Reference Point:


The third option in the menu allows you to bulk verify students – see below.

Bulk Verify Faces

You can now verify faces in bulk for profiles, which is useful to resolve the “is this…?” bounding boxes.


To all our Customers, if you would like to view the full range of updates recently released, visit What’s New in the 11.0.0 Release in your online documentation when you upgrade.


Singapore Bound

We are crossing the great divide, flying over the Indian Ocean, across the Java Sea and pitching our exhibitor stand at this year’s EduTech Asia held on 5 and 6 November in Singapore.

SchoolBench is excited to announce the solution has national and international reach and application.

The versatility of SchoolBench enables a school to increase their productivity, security and governance, while vastly improving communication with their community.

At conferences, school staff approach us to learn more about how we can solve their pain points and show them what the solution can do for their school.
We are looking forward to demonstrating SchoolBench’s versatility to an international audience regardless of geographical boundaries.

We will be showcasing case studies completed for Pulteney Grammar School’s use of SchoolBench for their rich history and abundant archival collection and Seymour College’s approach to satisfying parental privacy concerns given the exponential growth in photos and videos.


Share your Story with Us

We love hearing your stories about your digital media management experiences within your school community.

What hurdles are you facing with your photo libraries? Can you find what you need in a timely manner?

How has SchoolBench made your life easier?

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SchoolBench – a smart, simple and safe solution to managing digital media for schools




Developments in video facial recognition and mobile app

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Video Facial Recognition
On average, the top mediums of communication used by schools, e-newsletters and social media, has brought ever increasing challenges for school professionals.
Did you know, that by 2022, Cisco research predicts that video will be 15 times higher than it was in 2017 and will represent 82% of all consumer internet traffic.
Additionally, a staggering 95% of the message is retained when video is used. This statistic denotes a move in communication from text and image to video, and is beginning to change the marketing and communication landscape, specifically for schools who are operating in an increasingly competitive market.

Mobile App
SchoolBench is soon to release a mobile application that aims to engage teachers and parents as an additional source of photo and video media production for your school.
SchoolBench in turn becomes the central point of storage for digital assets and retains the publishing permissions for any such submissions, using your SIS (Synergetic, TASS and many more) as the source of truth.
This means, if a family member captures a great photo of their child winning the relay on sports day, SchoolBench has the ability to apply the permissions on that child and any others in the photo or video, to protect the school, prior to sharing.

Together with video facial recognition, we are in the process of developing and fine tuning these developments. 

Great news! – Edumate Integration
SchoolBench has completed yet another successful integration with the student information system, Edumate. Roseville College and St Lukes Grammar in NSW are using SchoolBench to manage their digital assets (video and photos).

What does this mean? 
In addition to Synergetic, TASS, Simon, Maze and PC Schools, schools that now use Edumate can now provide student data automatically to SchoolBench for your images and movies including student identification, media consent and even identifying the activity from your calendar.

Share your SchoolBench story
The team at SchoolBench is working hard to provide regular enhancements by engaging with and understanding the challenges faced by schools. We love hearing your stories about your digital media management experiences within your school community.

If you have a success story you would like to share with the SchoolBench community, drop us a line. By sharing you could win a Gold Class movie voucher for two, redeemable in your state.


SchoolBench – A smart, simple and safe solution to managing digital media for schools