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Intuitive & Elegant Design

A clean interface, compatible with modern browsers. As a Digital Asset Management system, SchoolBench is designed specifically for school marketers, with most features initiated by the SchoolBench user community.

The simplicity of use comes from its automatic tagging, facial recognition and leveraging the school’s existing systems.

SchoolBench users can search the way they work, rather than by the location of content in a folder but by one or more contexts. This opens up endless possibilities of effortless cross-contextual searching, such as a finding images of a student across a number of years, or of an event where only parent approval is obtained, all in mere seconds.

Using SchoolBench is as simple as reading a book, working left to right.

Auto Tagging through Integration

SchoolBench’s engine applies tags automatically when images and movies files are uploaded. The tags are applied using the school’s existing knowledge through an integration to your student information system (SIS) and calendar. The integration is constant, so any updates to these systems are reflected automatically to SchoolBench.

Student Information System
SchoolBench integrates to Synergetic, TASS, Maze, Simon Schools and PCSchool, with the list continuing to grow.

The integration is one way for SchoolBench to automatically apply student information to images, which includes parental consent to publishing, as well as year level, house and campus.

The image’s EXIF metadata (time and date) is key to enabling SchoolBench to apply the correct year, school term and activity to the image’s metadata. This means it all becomes searchable effortlessly.

Facial Recognition

SchoolBench accurately identifies students, teachers and even parents & guests through its advanced neural network. The system uses profile images obtained from your student information system’s ID photos.

To improve accuracy, users can train SchoolBench by confirming the identity of people in images: the more of these reference points, the more accurate SchoolBench becomes.

The determination works at four levels:
Human Verified – Images that are manually identified acts as an additional reference point
High Confidence – SchoolBench identifies the person
Medium Confidence – SchoolBench suggests “is this x?”
Low Confidence – Unknown

The system can also identify people outside of the student information system, as profile images of guests, parents etc can also be created with ease.

Media Consent

SchoolBench draws the parents’ consent through an integration to your student information system. While schools capture this at enrolment time, it can change during the course of the year. Any changes to consent are also applied automatically to SchoolBench.

As SchoolBench can identify students, it applies the correct parental consent to the image, and categorises it to the lowest common denominator when more than one student is captured.

SchoolBench is flexible enough to cater for whatever consent table your SIS provides, from simple yes and no, to multiple levels breaking out social, internal, web etc.

Work Seamlessly

Getting your assets in and having them auto tagged is one thing, using them in your marketing is another. And to help, SchoolBench provides capability for lightweight image editing, as well as an integration to Adobe’s Creative Cloud.

Create new renditions of lower resolution, remove red eye, apply a vignette, crop and add a school logo as a watermark are all possible.

Keep your metadata from Adobe Bridge, work in Lightroom and Photoshop and save your work effortlessly back to SchoolBench.


SchoolBench is installed locally at your school or in your private cloud such as Azure and Amazon. User access is managed through Active Directory, with roles administered through LDAP groups.

Permissions within roles can be customised to being a mix of creation, view, edit, download and delete as the school sees fit.

An example could be a teacher in year 7, who can only access images for their class or year level.

Due to the nature of images of children mixed with the internet, the sensitive metadata that SchoolBench uses such as student identification, year level etc is not written to the image itself, but kept in a separate database in SchoolBench. This protects both the student and the school from prying eyes.

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