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supporting Archivists.

Manage all your archives easily with SchoolBench.

Go back in time and find pictures of your past students from early years.

Easily search, find and use the memories of your school in photos.

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Archiving solution
SchoolBench archive

The essential role of images is storytelling.

Classify all your media history and find the right photographs to tell your school’s story.

Past, Present and Future, your pictures are the visual life of your School.

SchoolBench archive SchoolBench archive
SchoolBench archive SchoolBench archive

Retrace the history of your School

Import all your photographic archives into SchoolBench to keep them safe, and easily searchable.

Browse your gallery and discover the pictures that established your school’s reputation. Enjoy using images of your past school life, students and teachers for present day events.

SchoolBench School Media Archive solution has been developed to make the most of your archives, making capture, management and use…easy.

Simplicity of use

Rapid archival search.

The semantic file system is a flat structure where context is applied by tags and not by the location of the image in a folder hierarchy.

Find by one or more contexts and be presented with images that meet the criteria.

Search in seconds for students or staff members, displaying their entire time at your school.

SchoolBench archive
Organise School archives

Organise the memories of your school

Easily migrate and import your media individually or in batches, keeping your metadata intact.

Using facial recognition, you can identify past students and teachers as easily as if they were here today.

Keep and apply your archival description tags, to empower others to find specific images when they are needed.

More Facial Recognition details
SchoolBench archive

Your Archives,
Your SchoolBench

The easy-to-use archiving media management system designed specifically for schools.

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