AI technology with
Facial Recognition

Automatically detect students and staff members and have their media consent status available at your fingertips.

SchoolBench’s AI algorithm is trained on your media and used only by your school. It helps you identify the students while applying the identifiable metadata automatically.

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Facial Recognition

Powerful Artificial Intelligence system

SchoolBench does the heavy lifting by auto-classifying your images using facial recognition & machine learning.

By leveraging your student management system & calendar, SchoolBench is not another system you need to manage. It uses Synergetic, TASS, Maze, Simon and many more student management systems as the source of truth.




AI Recognition

A system that works for you

SchoolBench accurately identifies faces in photos and videos through its neural network. The system uses your student information system’s ID photos to determine the identity.

As a new year starts and new ID photos are taken, SchoolBench is updated automatically, and keeps the past ID photos as reference points. This powers SchoolBench to categorise a student’s journey from ELC to Year 12

Media-Consent Driven
& Marketing potential

SchoolBench focus on the security and the respect of the Australian privacy laws.

Find the right media to promote your school

Search the way you work and find your images and videos without fuss with SchoolBench, specifically designed by and built for schools.

Safely publish photos to parents in a secure and controlled way. Installed on your school’s hardware and behind your firewall, your school has full control in both access and permission.

Recognise immediately the media consent information, whether your school has the permission to share the picture from each person identified by SchoolBench.

How to use SchoolBench for your Marketing purpose
AI Recognition
AI Recognition

Instantly identify media consent.

Sourced from the Student Information System

Any changes to media consent (permissions) are entered into the Student Information System – which is then synchronised automatically in SchoolBench.

The media consent permissions are set by the school according to their policy and their parents’ instructions.

Media Consent supports multiple different types such as:

  • Publishing
  • Website
  • Magazine
  • Social
  • Third party

Safely comply with
Australian law.

When publishing, Australian schools need to comply with The Privacy Act and Privacy Principles when showing images of their students.

By SchoolBench identifying the student, the media consent given by the parent can be automatically calculated.

With group photos, SchoolBench further protects the school by applying the most restrictive consent of the identified students.

Secured data

Your media stored at your school

Respect students privacy

Share media following parents’ guidance

Easy to use

Based on facial recognition

No third party access

Only you have access to your school media libray

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