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Share insights from your School through Social Media Marketing

To actively promote your School and enhance awareness about its achievements, you need to share relevant news about the events and students’ life.

SchoolBench is your tool to quickly find the accurate media you need to create your posts while complying with the privacy of your students.

Your School’s images are the key of your communication.

Build trust & engagement around your establishment.

The main concern for School Marketing is the image dissemination while strictly respecting media-consent of the student.

With hundreds, or thousands of students, checking the consentment status of each student becomes quite arduous.

SchoolBench is here to solve this problematic challenge.

How can SchoolBench follow up your Marketing tasks?

Find easily the media you want to illustrate your posts. Search by date, specific events, year level, and take advantage of our powerful media-consent driven solution by identifying which files you are allowed to use for the promotion of your school.

The SchoolBench Mobile App allows you to upload your photos to your system. Our App is your assistant to upload media on your SchoolBench management system.

Read more about Facial Recognition

Automatically find the media you need.

With the powerful automatic AI Facial Recognition.


Capture events

With the mobile app take photos during any event, and select the ones you want to export to your SchoolBench system.


Search in the archives

Use the system’s tags to find the media you need to illustrate your post or newsletter, by event, date, year level, and more.


Know your students

Identify quickly who’s on pictures thanks to the built-in AI Facial Recognition, and get the media privacy status.


Save time

Avoid privacy mistakes and find with ease the media with our School media management. Focus only on your publications.

The pride of parents to follow their child in your school.

The Parent Portal is an original way to build the relationship between your school and the families.

The photos of the students will automatically be published in a dedicated parental web access. SchoolBench works for you in the background, sharing all the photos to the parents.

School Promotion

Advertising, Promotion, and New Media

SchoolBench fills the gap between your school media and your need to advertise your establishment.

Publish on Social Networks such as Instagram or Facebook, and communicate around the events and the life at your school. SchoolBench brings you an all-in-one platform to manage your archives, with security and media-consent driven.

Think more about your Marketing publications, and let SchoolBench works for you.

at your side.

More than a School media archive system, your secured all-in-one toolkit for your Marketing needs.

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