Balance ease with security, with SchoolBench Mobile.

Constantly document the life of the school.

Take photos anywhere, and have them securely transferred to your SchoolBench.

SchoolBench mobile

Your own media at your fingertips.

Multi-user. Everyone at your School can now record the life and events of your school.

SchoolBench App
School document
School archive app

The mobile link to your SchoolBench System

Simple & light-weight

A light mobile app intended to be easy to use for everyone at your school.

Save to SchoolBench

A light mobile app intended to be easy to use for everyone at your school.

Export to your Archive

A light mobile app intended to be easy to use for everyone at your school.

School app

Ease of use & Security

To provide you with a safe and secure application, the app uses your school user and password credentials, with auto-logout timer, auto-deletion, and in-app PIN for speedy next time access.

The app stores and removes images securely in accordance with your school policy.

1. Take photos


2. Select pictures to export


3. Find your photos at your School

SchoolBench Mobile

Optimize your Schoolbench experience

Anywhere, anytime.

Teachers can now easily visually document life at your school with SchoolBench Mobile.


Anyone with a mobile and a school logon can contribute.


Safely export to your archive the media you want.

Simply light

A mobile App to document your daily life at School.

Working seamlessly with SchoolBench Mobile, SchoolBench will automatically store and tag every picture received from the App.

The mobile application is a light-weight link to your school archives, making capture of your day to day life at school easy.

Your archive is not displayed on the App. That way all your data stored at your school is kept secured and stays completely private.

SchoolBench App

SchoolBench Mobile Supports iOS & Android

Supporting most recent mobile devices*, SchoolBench Mobile is developed with your preferred flavour in mind.


For iPhone, get it from the App Store for free.

ShoolBench Apple Store Download on the App Store

Available for free on the Google Play Store.

ShoolBench Google Play Get it on Google Play

Your SchoolBench

An intelligent Media Management system designed by, and built for Schools.

SchoolBench App

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