Your data
safe in your server.

SchoolBench is installed on your hardware and behind your firewall.

Your school retains full control with access and permissions, all managed through your Active Directory.

Total private control

To ensure the security and privacy of your information, Parashift elected that all images and metadata within SchoolBench are stored in the school's own data centre.

No third-party access is allowed, which includes Parashift. SchoolBench is a self-contained application with no personal data siphoned off for processing or usage.

All content and metadata are stored at encrypted when at rest. Transmission occurs using 256-bit encryption through HTTPS.


“No cloud storage” Private Cloud Option

In order to respect to privacy of your media, SchoolBench is either installed at your school or in your private cloud environment. SchoolBench is not a SaaS public cloud offering..

Photos, videos and all data are only stored into your school system to ensure a strict compliance regarding Australian Privacy law. SchoolBench can easily be installed in AWS, Azure or other private cloud providers.

Secure Technical Support

For Parashift to provide technical support, the school can easily create a temporary outbound VPN connection through SchoolBench and close the connection at their discretion

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