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School communicators have the important role of highlighting the
school’s educational significance, both past and present. In doing this, you remind current parents why they have entrusted the educational journey of their children to you. Equally important is promoting the school’s value and opportunities to prospective parents in what can be a highly competitive sector.

You are under ever increasing pressure to communicate creatively and effectively to the ever-growing community. However, the challenge of capturing, tagging and storing thousands of images every week is something you can do without, let alone finding imagery to support your copy.

Cue SchoolBench to the rescue!

…more time creating!

SchoolBench automates away much of your manual work. By identifying students, teachers and guests, marrying parental consent, and populating time and event tag details all automatically, storing and future search becomes a breeze.

SchoolBench saves time, empowering you to do what you do best: creating great content.

Some of the schools leading the way with SchoolBench

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