Why SchoolBench Is the Right Choice for Your School

Meeting the needs of existing school parents and students
when it comes to important factors such as safety, privacy
and communication is obviously paramount.

SchoolBench is an exciting new way of managing your
school’s digital images. It uses the latest in facial recognition
technology and is compatible with most existing school-based
data management systems to ensure compliance.

Compliance is important in running a school but so too
is growing your school’s brand to attract new parents
and students. This includes the continual improvement
in marketing materials and activities to attract your
target groups, in an environment that is ever increasingly

SchoolBench plays an important role in freeing up your
school’s marketing resources from non-productive, manual
activities, such as sorting images, identifying the students
in those images and matching them with your student
management system.

More efficient and effective use of marketing resources is vital
if your school is to continue to grow its brand and achieve
enrolment targets.

Some of the schools leading the way with SchoolBench

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