SchoolBench Technical Requirements.

Our secured media management system is fully implemented in your School’s IT environment.

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Technical requirements
Image Description

Local implementation

SchoolBench is an intelligent digital asset management system designed specifically for schools. It provides a local and secure central repository that can store all image and movie formats.

All your media within a semantic file system, made accessible through an intuitive frontend.

Installation requirements

  • Requires: Current image & movie storage plus 1TB Hard disk, 4 Cores and 12GB of RAM
  • Private Cloud or On Premise deployment
  • Supports virtualisation technologies VMware & Hyper-V and bare metal installations


SchoolBench can utilise existing internal SANs (Fibre Channel or iSCSI) and cloud storage solutions such as Amazon S3, Azure and Google Cloud Storage. Any storage location that can be mounted as a file system such as via FUSE or other file system drivers to store media.


  • Web based application
  • Support all browsers (Edge, Chrome, Firefox)
  • By ShareDrives & Adobe Creative Cloud


  • SSL Encryption
  • Role Based Access Control
  • Configurable Access Lists
  • Active Directory/LDAP for Login & User/Group synchronisation
  • Located behind your firewall


  • Synergetic, TASS, Maze, Simon Schools, Edumate and PCSchool (with more to come)
  • Calendar feeds from Microsoft Exchange, Google Calendar and custom iCal feeds
  • Embed via IFrame
  • Adobe Creative Cloud via WebDAV

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