Tech Specs

SchoolBench is a digital asset management system
designed specifically for schools. It provides a local and
secure central repository that can store all image
and movie formats, all within a semantic file system
and made accessible through an intuitive frontend.

  • Requires: 1TB Hard disk, 4 Cores and 12GB of RAM
  • Private Cloud or On Premise deployment
  • Supports virtualisation technologies VMware &
    Hyper-V and bare metal installations
  • Cloud Providers enabled, including: AWS, Azure &
    Google Cloud
  • Web based application supporting evergreen
    browsers (Edge, Chrome, Firefox)
  • WebDAV Protocol support
  • SSL Encryption
  • Role Based Access Control
  • Configurable Access Lists
  • Active Directory/LDAP for Login & User/Group
  • Located behind the firewall
  • Integrations

SchoolBench queries your Student Information
System such as: Synergetic, Simon Schools, Maze and
TASS (with more to come), for parent permissions and
profile photos.

SchoolBench also queries your calendar feed for time
& event information, and then assigns them to your
photos and videos automatically. Compatible with
Microsoft Exchange, Google Calendar and custom iCal

Some of the schools leading the way with SchoolBench

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