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A Solution to Manage Your Ever-Expanding Media Library

The accelerated growth of digital assets (school photos, audio and video files) of students, teachers, parents and visitors has created a massive challenge in media asset management for staff in schools across the country (Early Learning Centres, Primary and Secondary Schools).

Meeting the Challenge of Media Asset Management

The sheer scale at which images are being captured and stored, coupled with the need for timeliness of their use in newsletters, brochures, yearbooks etc., often results in frustration and loss of valuable time, as staff wade through thousands of images to find appropriate material.

The solution lies in SchoolBench, a smart new way of managing your school’s digital assets. Designed specifically for schools, SchoolBench is an easy-to-use, secure digital management web application, that automates the storage, classification and sharing of large volumes of digital assets.

SchoolBench Features


Intuitive & Elegant Design

SchoolBench incorporates our client schools’ feedback, to create a system that works the way you work. Add one or many criteria to your search, and your repository reflects your search instantly.

Publishing and tracking usage is now at your fingertips.

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Auto Tagging

Your assets, when uploaded, are automatically applied with school relevant tags, such as: student name, parent consent, activities/events and year & term, etc.

Users are free to create their own tags as well, for their personal needs.

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Facial Recognition

Take the guess work out and publish with confidence. SchoolBench identifies students and their parental consent in seconds.

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Work on your images seamlessly

Easily create renditions, crop, rotate and apply your watermarks all within SchoolBench. Editing tools like Adobe Creative Cloud seamlessly work with SchoolBench. Easily access, edit and save back to SchoolBench, all without the hassle of downloading.

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They’re your images and videos, so store them securely at your school, behind the firewall. Access to SchoolBench is controlled with user name & password credentials from Active Directory, with role based access available.

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Some of the schools leading the way with SchoolBench

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