A media management solution like no other.

Designed by schools, developed by Parashift.

Easily and securely store all media (images & videos) at your school. Train your own facial recognition engine to accurately identify your past and present students as well as teachers and other staff.

A system that automatically applies tags to your images by using integrations to your school systems including student information and calendar.

Your media, at your school, managed your way!

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AI Facial Recognition
Your own facial recognition engine

Identify in seconds your students and consent.

SchoolBench’s AI capabilities include facial recognition.

The facial recognition engine lives at your school is only trained on your media. Using the annual student ID photo, it builds a full catalogue of identifiable photos and videos of your students, past and present.

AI technology
Secured media consent driven
Your photos at Your School

Security – it’s images of children after all…

  • SchoolBench lives at the school, either installed on your hardware or in your private cloud
  • All media and metadata are stored at the school
  • Role based access administered by your Active Directory
  • Self-contained application, with no third-party access or siphoning of personal data
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School Marketing solution

Designed for Community Relations, Archivists, Development and marketers.

A school led design to help schools visually communicate to their community and beyond.

Spend more time creating, leaving SchoolBench to apply tags automatically.

Search by any combination of people, time, and media status.

Easily create low & high res renditions, crop and apply watermarks.

School Archive gallery

Search by students, events, year, term & week etc or by any combination. Easily filter out photos of students with restricted consent.

Marketing made easy
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SchoolBench remains versatile through a connected community roadmap.

Connected Community Roadmap.

We continue to develop based on customer needs. As a customer, you get a seat at the table on what we develop, when it’s developed and how it will work.

A solution for School Archivists

Preserve your school’s history and make it accessible through SchoolBench.

Designed to support your growing collection of both born digital and scanned items. Consumers can search and access what they quickly need.

Online Parent portal Parent Portal

How can SchoolBench be integrated into my workflow?

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Photo video solution for schools Secure media management

The Company

SchoolBench is developed by Parashift, based in Adelaide Australia.

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SchoolBench the Secured Media Management solution built for Schools.

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