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Established in 2013, Parashift began providing custom software projects to state and federal government, business as well as the not for profits sectors. Projects were designed to meet the specific needs of customers in digital assets, documents and records management.

In 2018, with the market aligning to more Software as a Service (SaaS) model, Parashift, as our name suggests, embarked on a paradigm shift to solve a yet to be discovered problem with an elegant and innovative solution.

Meeting several potential candidates, we settled on a challenge in schools managing their student photo communications.

A manually intensive undertaking for schools with large and unorganised collections and an ever-growing need to manage strict privacy consents.

Working with several local schools, Parashift developed SchoolBench, a highly integrable, AI-based on-premise solution that automates the management of photos and videos. The name of SchoolBench was inspired in an early meeting where we witnessed a method of managing images, where several hundred photos were spread across a large bench top.

From those early days, SchoolBench is now used in hundreds of schools across Australia and New Zealand and continues to grow.


Parashift is a fully owned Australian company led by its two owners, Kieren Fitzpatrick and Desline Simon. The leadership team prides itself in providing a fun, safe and inclusive workplace. While the work is challenging, our culture states that no one's role is more important than anyone else's and that problems are solved as a team. We regularly socialise together to foster a close knit and supportive culture.

We employ a mix of full-time, part-time and contractors with varying skills, not only in Adelaide but across Australia and overseas.

Kieren Fitzpatrick

Founder & Managing Director

Kieren began his career in the insurance before moving into telecommunications and finally transitioning into the software industry in 2010. The role is front of house, with responsibilities including business development, marketing and customer liaison.

Kieren holds diplomas in Insurance & Finance.

Desline Simon

Product Director

Desline begun with Parashift in 2020 and immediately brought an international flavour to the company. Originally from France, Desline holds a Research Master in Computer Science and is an AI specialist in computational linguistics.

Working at several overseas companies, Desline is responsible for the direction of Parashift products and managing the development team.


  • Customer Centric
    • We solely exist to sell profitable software
    • Customers buy our products to solve their problems
    • We are attentive to our customers needs
  • Ethics
    • Respect the laws of Australia and the policies of Parashift
    • Behave in a manner that supports Parashift's image at all times
    • Be honest and tell the truth
    • Do no harm to others
  • Ownership
    • Display positive energy
    • Understand the bigger picture and the part you play in it
    • Constantly look for ways to achieve
    • Take responsibility first without blaming others
    • Take your work seriously and be proud of what you achieve
  • Team player
    • Understand your role is no more important than anyone else's
    • Praise team members when they win
    • Support team members when they are struggling
    • Take responsibility first without blaming others
    • Ask for help when needed, and offer help to others proactively

Think this might be for you?

We are always looking for smart, hardworking and fun-loving people to join us.
If you are creative with a positive outlook, Parashift may be for you.

Jobs are available in:

. Technical

Software engineering, DevOps and SysOps

. Customer

Sales and account management

Submit your resume and covering letter to contact@parashift.com.au and we'll be in touch.