blog / 21 August 2020

New – SchoolBench Portal ™

In line with Parashift’s continual development commitment to SchoolBench, I am pleased to announce the soon to be released SchoolBench Portal.

SchoolBench Portal provides schools with a safe and secure way to share student images and videos with your parent community. Replacing the current Parent Portal, SchoolBench Portal provides a reimagined user interface, as well as several new and intuitive features.

Consent-based Publishing

Utilising SchoolBench’s intelligence, images of children are married to their parents to provide a personalised experience. Importantly, when consent is not given, SchoolBench Portal restricts the identified child from publishing.


Webshop capability will now exist, empowering parents through a shopping cart experience to obtain permanent digital copies for a price set by the school. All funds raised are retained by the school, as well as the purchase data.

SchoolBench Portal comes with an integration to Westpac’s PayWay, a common provider for Australian schools, with many providers to be included in the future.

SchoolBench Portal Webshop

Seamless Sharing   

Parent Portal is designed to work with your current Community Portal, providing a seamless experience where parents can navigate to their photos effortlessly. Provided as an Iframe, from the parents’ point of view, SchoolBench is invisible.

Initially tested on SchoolBox, SchoolBench Portal will integrate with other Community portals over time.


Parents’ can easily see photos of their children and navigate to preferred times and places by a handful of common-sense filters. Including child, the school event and calendar year. A few clicks is all it takes.