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Newington invests more energy for students to fulfil their potential

“SchoolBench frees our time to fulfil our vision to empower boys to develop great hearts, inspired minds and strong wings: ready to make a positive contribution to society and the future.” Newington College

Rich history

Newington College was established in 1863. Today the College provides an environment where boys are encouraged to pursue their passions with purpose, enthusiasm and to support friends, families and their communities.

The College, located in Sydney’s inner west, has a rich history with photos, archive material and memorabilia dating to the time before Federation. Throughout two world wars and into a new millennium, the College has seen meteoric changes and economic, social, cultural and technological advancements.

Newington College has four campuses that consist of Years 7-12 at Stanmore, prep schools at Lindfield and Wyvern House, and an Early Learning Centre.

“The College’s ongoing involvement with SchoolBench continues to be a great experience.” Newington College

The need for SchoolBench

Newington educates more than 2,000 students each year. Its extensive academic, pastoral, sports and co-curricular programs mean thousands of photos are taken each year to capture these moments for the future.

Imagine trying to piece together a photo album featuring 2,000 children over decades. Now imagine if someone asked you for a particular photo. How would you know if it existed, or which album it is stored in?

Search with ease

Until late 2018, Newington did not have a searchable, central or shared image library nor a school photo management solution. So their ability to respond quickly to requests for images was limited. Additionally, images lacked information and metadata. The process of finding images was difficult and time-consuming.

Through its feature-rich and user-friendly layout, the most notable function of SchoolBench is its ability to assign properties to an image by year, event and location, thus making searching fast and easy. Each image is assigned an identifying property, automatically taken from the school’s existing student information system. In short, the student information system is the primary source of truth. This includes the names of the students in an image and indicates whether media consent is provided by their parents. This provides photo security and online safety around the use of student photos.

Additional information is applied through the calendar integration process, automating the time, context, year, term, term-week and the activity, all from using the time and date stamp of the photo.

Golden Days

SchoolBench can manage images from far older than those captured today.

Newington College has built up a strong collection of images over decades that provide the school community with a rich, deep understanding of the College’s history, activities and achievements

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