Your Staff's smartphones
as daily photographers

A way to increase the contributions from your school staff and to lessen the burden of the marketing team.

SchoolBench Camera
Take photo at school

Photography, the core for your Marketing publications.

To communicate about the life at your school, images are fundamental.

A professional photographer will cover the very specific events at your school, but not the daily school life.

Fortunately smartphones are highly capable to produce high quality pictures, and therefore are the perfect tool to get moments to publish.

SchoolBench Mobile for more casual/happy snaps, less staged photos.

All your staff can take photos.

Daily document the life at your school with photos taken by your teachers.

All the images are sent safely into your school serveur, to SchoolBench Media.

After being processed with Facial Recognition you will be able to have more and more images to post on your social media, or any of your marketing posts.

Mobile app for schools
Photography students

Use SchoolBench app to help connect parents with your school.

By being able to capture more photos, you increase your students' picture database.

All the photos are transmitted into your SchoolBench Media at your school. Then you are able to curate this flow, and selected images are automatically available in SchoolBench Portal to the families.

SchoolBench Mobile a companion for your Marketing taks

A mobile app for Android and iOS devices, bringing you a secured way to allow your staff capture daily life images.

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