AI technology with
Facial Recognition

SchoolBench utilises artificial intelligence (AI) to detect faces within photos and videos. In SchoolBench, the algorithm is only trained on your students. There is no cross school sharing of information.

Through the identification process, it enables SchoolBench to not only display who the student is, but all other pertinent information, like year level, cohort, house etc.

SchoolBench Facial Recognition

Powerful Artificial Intelligence system

The identification works by biometrically recording 160 points of the face from the supplied ID photos and then comparing them to newly uploaded images.

SchoolBench is smart enough to compare biometric information in the relevant timeframe too, as a child's face can change dramatically over time. New ID photos are typically taken each year and provided to SchoolBench automatically through an integration to your student information system (SIS).

Constant learning from Student profile pictures

Each year a new ID photo can be supplied from your SIS to keep the biometric signature current. It enables student identification to be kept up-to-date and provides you the ability to search for a student across multiple years with accuracy.

As the algorithm does not know your students, the ID photos are the initial data point, but over time as users confirm images or reject, the system learns and then becomes highly accurate in its assessment of who is in that photo. SchoolBench makes its own learning simple with user's click of a mouse.

SchoolBench AI recognition

Consent driven to respect
the Australian Privacy Act

By identifying students, the media consent provided by their parents is automatically applied to the photo. If multiple students are in the photo, a media consent will be applied based on the most restricted student.

If a student is on the do not publish list, when they are identified in a photo or video, it will be reclassified automatically as a do not publish. This protects the publisher, the school and student by applying the parent’s consent.

SchoolBench Media Consent

Sourced of truth is your Student Information System

Unlike many systems, SchoolBench wants to use information from your other systems to save you time and reduce the need for duplication. Many of Australia's leading Student Information Systems provide regular updates automatically to SchoolBench through an integration.

The information imported into SchoolBench includes student id photos, name, year level, cohort, house, campus and much much more.

SchoolBench Identify faces

Secured data

Your media stored at your school

Respect students privacy

Share media following parents' guidance

Easy to use

Based on facial recognition

No third party access

Only you have access to your school media

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Safely comply with
Australian law.

When publishing, Australian schools need to comply with The Privacy Act and Privacy Principles when showing images of their students.

By SchoolBench identifying the student, the media consent given by the parent can be automatically calculated.

With group photos, SchoolBench further protects the school by applying the most restrictive consent of the identified students.

Secure solution
for school media management

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