SchoolBench Media

More than a school Marketing solution, SchoolBench Media is also a all-in-one tool to keep track about students' privacy.

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SchoolBench Media

SchoolBench Media Core Features

SchoolBench Media is composed of different sections to organise and find any media, made to be used daily by Marketing team.

SchoolBench Media Management


Your photos and videos are organised by year, student, event, custom tag.

SchoolBench search photos


A powerful search capability, you can easily search by any combinations of student, media consent, event, year and term.

SchoolBench Identify profiles


Using facial recognition, know who is in that photo or video.

SchoolBench Media Privacy


Receiving regular updates from your Student Information System (SIS), student's privacy consent is always up to date.

SchoolBench School Integration


Integrated with most common Student Information Systems, save time by synchronizing your data.

SchoolBench Calendar

Events & Calendar

Sync across your term dates and create events lists by integrating your calendar..

SchoolBench collaboration


Curate and share an album and set individual access roles as needed.

SchoolBench Photos albums


Save time and enjoy easy access to automatic collections of students and events.

SchoolBench unlimited storage


Provided as a license to the school, enjoy unlimited users, storage and facial recognition.

SchoolBench school Marketing

Facial Recognition

Save time with SchoolBench.

  • Own and train your personal facial recognition system to identify students and teachers, today, tomorrow and even going back in time.
  • Artificial intelligence biometric information is kept within your system, in your environment and is never provided to third parties.
  • Easily teach SchoolBench with a simple click to better recognise faces.
  • By recognising students' faces, SchoolBench can draw privacy consent to the images letting you know within seconds if you are allowed to publish this image or if it is on a Do Not Publish list.

Privacy Consent Management

A flexible system using your policy of opt-in and opt-out, captured in your student systems.

Using facial recognition and your student privacy levels, images are classified if publishable and under what conditions.

With an intuitive traffic light coloured scheme, easily know if you are allowed to use this image or not, for marketing purposes.

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SchoolBench Facial Recognition

Media Management
with Facial Recognition

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