SchoolBench Mobile Features

Your own media at your fingertips. Multi-user. Everyone at your School can now record the life and events of your school.

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SchoolBench Mobile features
School mobile app

Ease of use

A simple lightweight app compatible with iOS and Android devices, turning a personal mobile into a work camera.

Take photos, tag and send to SchoolBench Media.

Designed to be used with minimal to no training needed for users.

Security, a priority.

Access requires a user to have a school Active Directory account.

Easy secure access is provided with a PIN code for speedy next time access.Image storage is centrally controlled with auto deletion rules upon upload and time based, aligned with your school policy.

Optimise your SchoolBench experience, anywhere, anytime.


Anyone with a mobile and a school login can contribute.

Anyone with a school Active Directory account can use your SchoolBench Mobile app at no additional cost.


Safely export to your SchoolBench Media.

All photos are stored in a container on the mobile and cannot be published to the camera roll or other third-party apps including social media.

Simply light

Easy as point shot and send.

Capture more real life daily snaps by empowering teachers to take photos during school events.

Capture school life

SchoolBench Mobile Supports iOS & Android

Available on most current mobile devices.

School policy

Protect the school and your staff by having a policy where all school photography is done on a work camera or with SchoolBench Mobile app on a personal phone.

Provide your parent community a comfort of knowing all student photos are stored either on a work camera or app. Never stored in a camera roll of a personal device.

SchoolBench take mobile photo

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