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Security and privacy are the fundamentals of SchoolBench. We are constantly upgrading security to ensure your images and data remain safe.

There is no harvesting or secret sharing of information to data analytics companies. The photos and all data remain your property and you control access.

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SchoolBench is provided as a virtual appliance which is installed on a virtual machine, behind your firewall.

Your school retains full control with access and permissions all administered through your Active Directory. Single Sign on is supported with OpenID Connect, ADFS and very very soon, SAML.

SchoolBench undergoes regular penetration tests every year, with most by our customers to meet their own internal audits. Hardening is a never-ending journey, and if exploits are found, they are plugged and quickly.

Total private control

Rather than store photos in share drives and on multiple devices, your images are hosted in a central repository and made accessible to only those who have the necessary permission.

With role-based permissions, you can not only control who has access, but what access they have and actions they can perform within SchoolBench.

All content and metadata are encrypted at rest and in transit using 256-bit encryption.


In order to respect the privacy of your media, SchoolBench can also be installed in your private cloud environment. SchoolBench is not a SaaS public cloud offering, you own your content and you control the access.

Photos, videos and all data are only stored into your school system to ensure a strict compliance regarding Australian Privacy law. SchoolBench can easily be installed in AWS, Azure or other private cloud providers.

Secure Technical Support

Should support be needed, the school can control access by creating an outbound VPN connection within the SchoolBench admin panel. Once support is no longer needed, the connection is easily turned off.

Parashift (the owners of SchoolBench), does not have access to your system, your data, plain and simple.

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