blog / 30 September 2019

Developments in video facial recognition and mobile app

Video Facial Recognition
On average, the top mediums of communication used by schools, e-newsletters and social media, has brought ever increasing challenges for school professionals.
Did you know, that by 2022, Cisco research predicts that video will be 15 times higher than it was in 2017 and will represent 82% of all consumer internet traffic.
Additionally, a staggering 95% of the message is retained when video is used. This statistic denotes a move in communication from text and image to video, and is beginning to change the marketing and communication landscape, specifically for schools who are operating in an increasingly competitive market.

Mobile App
SchoolBench is soon to release a mobile application that aims to engage teachers and parents as an additional source of photo and video media production for your school.
SchoolBench in turn becomes the central point of storage for digital assets and retains the publishing permissions for any such submissions, using your SIS (Synergetic, TASS and many more) as the source of truth.
This means, if a family member captures a great photo of their child winning the relay on sports day, SchoolBench has the ability to apply the permissions on that child and any others in the photo or video, to protect the school, prior to sharing.

Together with video facial recognition, we are in the process of developing and fine tuning these developments. 

Great news! – Edumate Integration
SchoolBench has completed yet another successful integration with the student information system, Edumate. Roseville College and St Lukes Grammar in NSW are using SchoolBench to manage their digital assets (video and photos).

What does this mean? 
In addition to Synergetic, TASS, Simon, Maze and PC Schools, schools that now use Edumate can now provide student data automatically to SchoolBench for your images and movies including student identification, media consent and even identifying the activity from your calendar.

Share your SchoolBench story
The team at SchoolBench is working hard to provide regular enhancements by engaging with and understanding the challenges faced by schools. We love hearing your stories about your digital media management experiences within your school community.

If you have a success story you would like to share with the SchoolBench community, drop us a line. By sharing you could win a Gold Class movie voucher for two, redeemable in your state.

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