blog / 26 August 2019

SchoolBench – The Caesar Augustus Release

August, the month named after Rome’s first and arguably most successful emperor, Caesar Augustus. Parashift are pleased to confirm that SchoolBench v10.1.0 will soon be released and it includes a handful of awesome new features, all heavily requested by our growing list of client schools.

Colour Configuration
You can now specify colour coding for your assets in SchoolBench’s Admin Panel.
Easily match against field values such Media Consent, for a quick visual way to filter photos.

And the results view:

New Other Names
SchoolBench now captures alternative names that students and teachers may be known by, e.g. nicknames.

This allows you to specify Nicknames or other preferred names of profiles and use them when searching.

Shift + Click to select blocks of images
You can now shift + click to select blocks of items rather than clicking and dragging through them.