blog / 25 June 2020

Parashift Announcement – Mobile App

With the world turned upside down, social distancing, face masks and hand sanitiser, the team at Parashift used much of this time making SchoolBench even better for our customers. The world will get past this, and Parashift is here and is ready for when you are! 

While our employees worked from home, we greenlit several projects to increase customer value. One of these projects is nearing its end, and it is with much pride that I can announce the SchoolBench Mobile App. 

SchoolBench Mobile App 

As your most requested feature for SchoolBench, the mobile app will enable schools to capture photos on–the–go and have them securely stored in your SchoolBench.  

The SchoolBench mobile app will be available for both iOS and Android devices. The app is currently in beta with a handful of customer schools undertaking usage testing. A few issues have been raised and resolved. Thankfully, we are now very close to moving from beta to a general release.  

I take this opportunity to congratulate the Parashift team and our customer in helping us reach this milestone. It represents Parashift’s first foray into mobile applications.  

With the advent of the release, it means the mobile app is in no way a fait-accompli, as additional functionality has already been earmarked to for subsequent versions. That’s the great thing with software: it always gets better. 

So keep an eye out as we will be making the SchoolBench mobile app available in the next few weeks.  

Next month, I will be having much to say about SchoolBench’s new parent portal with webshop capability.