A way to bond with your Community

SchoolBench Portal brings you a powerful tool to automatically share memories from your school to the parents.

Families having their own private access is the perfect way to keep a strong contact with them.

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Keeping a connection between families

With SchoolBench Portal parents are able to follow the life at school of their children, and see them growing through your different events and activities.

Year after year, they can browse their own dedicated virtual yearbook through the pictures took at your school.

From first day at school to graduation

Advantage of such Parent Portal using SchoolBench facial recognition technology is to share the right photos in an automatic process.

Families will be proud to see their children educational life, and will be able to talk about those memories to their relatives and friends.

This way your establishment create a specific link with your communtity.

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Parent Portal for Australian school

Communicate with families with Schoolbench Portal

A dedicated product for Parents to see the life at your school of their children.

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