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A school's private social network

Revolutionise the way your school engages with parents through captivating visual images and videos.

An interactive & secure online gallery, providing your parents with a personalised experience of their child's journey at your school.

Engage your parent community

Parents are hungry for any news about their children. As schools are time poor, Portal+ can provide a tool to publish personalised content far more meaningful to your parent community.

Parents will receive tailored content of their children relevant to them.

School Community
Share students memories

Automatically share student's memories

Supported by SchoolBench Media, Portal+ provides your parent community with a personalised experience of photos and videos of their children automatically.

This is made possible with SchoolBench's facial recognition and integrating to your Student Information System.

Content is matched and shared automatically to support custom publishing rules and manual practices. You remain in control.

Do not publish students

With a daily sync to your Student Information System, parent permissions are kept up to date and applied to images automatically.

Any identified student who has privacy restrictions in place will not be published.

Protect the student, protect your school. Portal+ ensures you publish what you can, and stops what cannot.

Student media privacy
School donation product

Measure Engagement

Know what you are publishing and how your community receives it.

With beautiful laid out coloured graphs, tables and lists, you will never be in the dark again.

Define your audience

Your whole school community is made up of smaller groups, such as sporting teams, year levels, houses and campuses. Portal+ enables you to publish school-wide or to specific audiences within your school.

Personalise your content for tailored photo and video communication.

Marketing school audience
School raise funds

Raise Funds

Deliver more professional photos of students and empower their parents to buy what they want when they want.

Families can make online purchases with all funds going to your school.

Device agnostic

Using the modern responsive design in supported browsers of Chrome, Edge and Safari on iPad, Portal+ automatically resizes its screen experience to fit the available screen real estate.

Access your children's photos and videos on any mobile, tablet, laptops and desktops while maintaining a beautiful and intuitive design.

Portal+ anywhere, anytime on any device

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