January 21st 2020
A focus on marketing plans

This month we focus on the marketing efforts in schools and how SchoolBench is adding value in this space. Highlights are: Begin with the end in mind – annual marketing […]

December 17th 2019
2019 – The Year That Was

Another year close to completion and we find ourselves moving into a new decade. The year 2020, to a boy who grew up in the 70’s and 80’s, seems more […]

December 10th 2019
Newington invests more energy for students to fulfil their potential

“SchoolBench frees our time to fulfil our vision to empower boys to develop great hearts, inspired minds and strong wings: ready to make a positive contribution to society and the […]

November 29th 2019
The debate on facial recognition – a safe and smart technology

This month, we dive into the debate on facial recognition as a safe technology and how SchoolBench is adding value in this space.Highlights this month are: Facial recognition – a […]

September 30th 2019
Developments in video facial recognition and mobile app

Video Facial RecognitionOn average, the top mediums of communication used by schools, e-newsletters and social media, has brought ever increasing challenges for school professionals.Did you know, that by 2022, Cisco […]

August 26th 2019
SchoolBench – The Caesar Augustus Release

August, the month named after Rome’s first and arguably most successful emperor, Caesar Augustus. Parashift are pleased to confirm that SchoolBench v10.1.0 will soon be released and it includes a […]

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