September 25th 2020
A very social SchoolBench

SchoolBench continues to grow its social media footprint, each week with more great Australian & New Zealand schools and their communication teams choosing to follow SchoolBench. From a standing start […]

August 21st 2020
New – SchoolBench Portal ™

In line with Parashift’s continual development commitment to SchoolBench, I am pleased to announce the soon to be released SchoolBench Portal. SchoolBench Portal provides schools with a safe and secure […]

June 25th 2020
Parashift Announcement – Mobile App

With the world turned upside down, social distancing, face masks and hand sanitiser, the team at Parashift used much of this time making SchoolBench even better for our customers. The world will get past this, […]

May 21st 2020
Enforcing Siena College’s strict digital media policy through SchoolBench

The Dominican Sisters who founded the college built a school where young women could follow their academic and cultural interests. The Sisters believed in the girls’ potential to become passionate life-long […]

April 22nd 2020
Grandparents – a school’s real customer

As stated in various media outlets, a survey conducted by REST several years ago indicated a growing trend for Australian retirees using their superannuation to fund their grandchildren’s private school […]

March 23rd 2020
Security in an uncertain world

How the world has changed in just 30 days. Who would have thought that a virus could unite the globe? More crucially, how far technology has carried the human race […]

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