SchoolBench v12.4.2 has arrived

It’s already mid-January 2021 and a new school year is fast approaching. There is no rest for the wicked, and Parashift has been very wicked indeed. We are all very excited to announce SchoolBench version 12.4.2 is now available for customers.

This release is packed with a serious level of coolness, all designed to make the management of your photo and video library even better.   

SchoolBench Portal

The parent portal has been completely re-imaged in collaboration with several customers – we are proud to introduce SchoolBench Portal.

An elegant and intuitive portal, where Schools can easily and automatically provide parents regular images of their children in a safe and secure way. SchoolBench Portal comes with both free and webshop capability, enabling the sale of photos at a school determined price.

SchoolBench Portal can be provided either as an iFrame to embed in your LMS, or it can be deployed as a standalone web app.

ID Profile Rollover

We have improved the annual ID photo update process, which is crucial to facial recognition accuracy. As some student systems strip the ID photos’ metadata, including the year, SchoolBench will now apply this automatically. This update makes the annual profile rollover automatic and headache-free. 

Duplication Detection

Last year we noticed a growing list of false positives in duplication detection. To address this, we have completely upgraded the duplication detection engine of SchoolBench. Test results have seen an incredible improvement in both speed and accuracy. We’re sure you love it.

To see our latest post discussing all things about this release, please click this link.

SchoolBench Mobile v2

We are pleased to launch the new version of SchoolBench Mobile app, and just a few months after its inaugural release. Naturally, the app is compatible with both Apple and Android mobiles.

SchoolBench Mobile is designed to empower school employees, enabling photos of school activities to be taken on their personal device. The app stores the images in a secured container; with images not accessible by other apps and can only be shared with your SchoolBench system.

New Design

A new clean and intuitive design, making use as simple as aim, shoot and share.

Contextual Tags

Apply contextual tags at capture, making future search simple.

Effortlessly send batches of images securely to SchoolBench, never lose a great photo again.

Do not hesitate to check our Youtube video, for more details about SchoolBench Mobile.