Security Release v12.6.1

A new version of SchoolBench is now available, and this release centres on security as well as preparations for the future. With that in mind, we strongly recommend customers to update to this version as soon as possible.

While there are no new features contained in this release, there has been a focus on hardening SchoolBench’s security. There has also been much groundwork for future capability, including the new multiple algorithms (AI) earmarked for SchoolBench in 2021 and 2022.

In this release, the SchoolBench security enhancements include:

  1. Upgrading the session token to reduce hacking possibilities.
  2. SchoolBench Security Hub, a new and improved encryption and decryption system, centralising security in the SchoolBench ecosystem i.e. SchoolBench, Portal and Mobile.
  3. A new configurable time-based session key generator.
  4. Improved user security, logging out users with no activity for a period of time set by the school.
  5. Limits individual users to one browser session at a time to reduce the risk of identity theft.
  6. Upgraded the SchoolBench database to the latest security measures.

Parashift continues to take the security of SchoolBench seriously, and we commit to continually harden the security and work with our customers to that end.

For more information regarding this release, please visit our YouTube channel or contact .

SchoolBench Mobile v2

We are pleased to launch the new version of SchoolBench Mobile app, and just a few months after its inaugural release. Naturally, the app is compatible with both Apple and Android mobiles.

SchoolBench Mobile is designed to empower school employees, enabling photos of school activities to be taken on their personal device. The app stores the images in a secured container; with images not accessible by other apps and can only be shared with your SchoolBench system.

New Design

A new clean and intuitive design, making use as simple as aim, shoot and share.

Contextual Tags

Apply contextual tags at capture, making future search simple.

Effortlessly send batches of images securely to SchoolBench, never lose a great photo again.

Do not hesitate to check our Youtube video, for more details about SchoolBench Mobile.

New – SchoolBench Portal ™

In line with Parashift’s continual development commitment to SchoolBench, I am pleased to announce the soon to be released SchoolBench Portal.

SchoolBench Portal provides schools with a safe and secure way to share student images and videos with your parent community. Replacing the current Parent Portal, SchoolBench Portal provides a reimagined user interface, as well as several new and intuitive features.

Consent-based Publishing

Utilising SchoolBench’s intelligence, images of children are married to their parents to provide a personalised experience. Importantly, when consent is not given, SchoolBench Portal restricts the identified child from publishing.


Webshop capability will now exist, empowering parents through a shopping cart experience to obtain permanent digital copies for a price set by the school. All funds raised are retained by the school, as well as the purchase data.

SchoolBench Portal comes with an integration to Westpac’s PayWay, a common provider for Australian schools, with many providers to be included in the future.

SchoolBench Portal Webshop

Seamless Sharing   

Parent Portal is designed to work with your current Community Portal, providing a seamless experience where parents can navigate to their photos effortlessly. Provided as an Iframe, from the parents’ point of view, SchoolBench is invisible.

Initially tested on SchoolBox, SchoolBench Portal will integrate with other Community portals over time.


Parents’ can easily see photos of their children and navigate to preferred times and places by a handful of common-sense filters. Including child, the school event and calendar year. A few clicks is all it takes.